You want reliable and secure computer systems and websites, not endless hardware purchases and Windows security patches.

DreamBuilt provides complete infrastructure hosting services, including your websites, your email, and even your entire desktop environment, allowing you to focus on your business while we focus on your technical platform.


Never worry that the loss of a specific piece of hardware will result in business chaos. Access your business applications and files from any computer, anywhere.

Don’t worry about backups of your business data and files ever again. We’ll backup all your files in a disaster recovery center, ensuring no permanent loss of important records.


Our data center is protected by 24/7 security, continuous surveillance, and biometric access safeguards, eliminating unauthorized physical access.

We maintain multiple safeguards, including Operating System patching and hardening, and multi-factor authentication. We continuously monitor your data with intrusion detection and prevention tools to identify and eliminate attempts at unauthorized online access.


Our infrastructure services allow you to eliminate the cost of managing a physical on-premise IT infrastructure.

Also, with our “pay-as-you-go” approach, you can shift your business’s fixed capital to operational expenses. We offer monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription models so that you do not need to put in heavy investments and can also opt-out whenever you like.

What We Do

We build customer cloud environments that include:

  • Domain and website hosting, including your email addresses.
  • Secure Window and Linux workspaces, where your employees use your corporate applications and store your business data and files.
  • Actively maintained permissions and policies for security, including log-off timers, password requirements, and user authorities that ensure only those trusted are provided the ability to perform key activities.